The worldwide gaming market is expected to grow by 10.2% by 2030, reaching $202.64 billion in 2021. Surprisingly, advertisements in games play a substantial role in this equation. As games progress into creative execution and gorgeous images, gaming advertisements have become well-known. Running gaming advertisements is critical if you want to stand out in the gaming business. Here are ten popular game ads to help you with your advertising strategy.

1. K/DA for League of Legends

Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa are four League of Legends champion characters that form the virtual K-pop girl group K/DA. Riot Games formed the group with the help of K-pop singers to promote the 2018 League of Legends World Championship. «Pop/Stars,» the group’s debut song, was released in November 2018. K/DA’s song video instantly became popular on social media sites.

K/DA has since released other songs, including «The Baddest» and «More,» and has amassed a sizable fan base both inside and outside of the League of Legends community. The band was also the inspiration for a range of products, including clothes, accessories, and figurines. The mix of League of Legends narrative, K-pop music, and beautiful visuals has been credited with K/DA’s popularity.

K/DA for League of Legends

2. Sega’s Genesis Does What Nintendon’t

The phrase «Sega Genesis Does What Nintendon’t» was used by Sega in the early 1990s to advertise their Sega Genesis console as a superior alternative to Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

The motto became well-known and was utilized in future advertisements, print materials, and video games. The marketing effort is a textbook example of aggressive promotion, and it helped Sega establish themselves as a major participant in the console industry throughout the 1990s.

3. Halo 3 Believe

Microsoft launched the Halo 3 Believe multimedia marketing campaign to promote the release of the video game «Halo 3» in 2007. A set of dioramas built by special effects studio Stan Winston Studio served as the focus of the «Halo 3 Believe» campaign. These dioramas were meticulously created utilizing a combination of physical effects and computer technology to portray situations from the game, such as a combat between troops and aliens. The campaign aided in the promotion of «Halo 3» and contributed to the game’s record-breaking sales.

If you want to experiment with music video adverts, you may make little snippets from your music video and use them as video posts on Instagram or Facebook.Halo 3 Believe

4. Travis Scott with Fortnite

Game Ads may also be interactive rather than passively consumed by spectators. Epic Games elevated the experience in 2020 by collaborating with Travis Scott on the release of his single Astronomical.

Travis Scott is a rapper and singer who worked with the popular video game «Fortnite» to conduct a virtual concert experience within the game in 2020. The «Astronomical» event lasted many days and attracted 12.3 million players. Travis Scott’s digital avatar performed in the game on a virtual stage. Players, on the other hand, engaged in a variety of participatory activities such as dancing and battling gigantic monsters. The event was noted for its pioneering use of technology to provide gamers with a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience.

5. Halo’s Monument of Light

This is another example of a game ad creating an immersive promotional experience. Microsoft debuted their ‘Monument of Light’ campaign three weeks before the release of Halo: Reach. Through a website, the audience was able to control a robotic arm and draw a point of light. The website had over 54,000 hits, culminating in the construction of a magnificent memorial.

6. Fifa 18 El Tornado

Fifa 18 El Tornado

If you like sports games, check out the FIFA 18 El Tornado classic ad. «FIFA 18 El Tornado» is a special ability move included in the video game «FIFA 18,» which was released by EA Sports in 2017. The maneuver was named after the well-known tornado kick, a martial arts technique that includes spinning and kicking with both legs, and was created to mimic this move in the context of the game.

7. Assassin’s Creed My Life As An NPC

«Assassin’s Creed, My Life As An NPC» is a lighthearted television advertisement designed to promote the release of the video game «Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag» in 2013. The advertisement was created by Ubisoft, the game’s creator and publisher. It includes a non-player character (NPC) from the game’s open-world area.

The ad’s wit and relatability contributed to the buildup to the release of «Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.» As a result, Assassin’s Creed IV became the series’ best-selling and highly praised title.

8. Sony PlayStation: Long Live Play – Character Commercial

Sony PlayStation: Long Live Play – Character Commercial

Sony’s «Sony PlayStation: Long Live Play — Character Commercial» is a 2011 cinematic television ad. Its goal is to promote the PlayStation brand and its exclusive video game selection. The advertisement showcases a number of well-known video game characters from various PlayStation series. It contains characters from «God of War,» «Uncharted,» and «Metal Gear Solid.»

The game ad received much recognition for its creative direction and utilization of well-known video game characters. It also contributed to PlayStation’s status as one of the market’s leading video game systems.


Game Ads promote brand awareness, especially in computer and console games. This strategy is easier to adopt, given the presence of various platforms for online advertising. And if you need assistance with your game development, My Infinity Games is here to help. Please reach us out via contact form below!