Body positivity in marketing discussions are becoming more popular. Some companies are joining the conversation and promoting body acceptance. If your company wishes to participate, read how these companies have produced effective body positivity marketing initiatives. Learn how to promote the movement while avoiding criticism.

How do you market body positivity?

Body positivity in marketing should be approached with caution and forethought. Brands take their time developing ads because they don’t want to face criticism for suddenly wanting to be inclusive.

Fashion, leisure, and sports firms are scrutinized considerably intensely than others since they utilize models to promote their products. Many manufacturers still demand size 0s and 2s, as well as individuals who are fit and strong. However, the terrain is gradually shifting.

Marketing campaigns are the most effective approach to promote your newly expanded brand to the globe. Alternatively, you may acquaint your existing consumer base by marketing new models on your website or through social media photographs. How can your brand use body positivity marketing to make a difference?

Start by Learning

Body positivity as a concept implies that you should accept all body types, but it goes beyond that. You must also comprehend the nature of the movement. Why is body positivity so essential to so many people? It’s not merely a fad that your company should adopt because everyone else is.

Aside from studying about it academically, ask your coworkers what body positivity means to them. How can your company become a proponent of body positivity or body neutrality?

Feature Real People

The majority of body positivity marketing initiatives have been effective because they feature actual individuals. Yes, there are many plus-size models who would benefit from increased exposure. However, you may allow them to coexist or encourage genuine individuals on your page by reposting user-generated material.

Also, make an effort to include a varied set of people. Science Direct discovered that, while most brands allow people of different sizes, the majority of them still feature Caucasians.

Your brand will be more real as a result of this.

Craft Meaningful Messaging

Body positivity marketing efforts rely heavily on language. You want to reassure your target audience that they can be themselves. Furthermore, debates concerning body image may be delicate. Do not include any before or after message in your messaging. Concentrate on the present moment and make your target audience feel appreciated.

Why should brands promote body positivity?

  • Brands can attract a diverse customer base
  • They will provide a sense of visibility; their consumers or customers will feel “seen”
  • Apparel, athleisure, and activewear brands can expand their size selection, making them the go-to brand for their clothes
  • It will make brands more authentic

What are the best body positivity marketing campaign examples?

1. Aerie
Since 2014, Aerie has championed diversity and inclusiveness, beginning with their well-known #aerieREAL campaign. It’s their most successful commercial since featuring women with their bodies unretouched (by Photoshop). Following this campaign, the company’s revenues climbed by 20% in 2016. Furthermore, many Aerie consumers still use this hashtag nowadays.

Aerie still does the walk and talks the talk by publishing unretouched photographs and videos of women eight years later.

2. The Third Love
ThirdLove is another company that promotes body positivity. To Each, Her Own is a campaign that features women of diverse ages, skin hues, and sizes. The goal of the brand was to make every woman feel visible and to accept their body and what it accomplishes for them on a daily basis.

But it was an email from one of their older customers complaining that the 40+ age bracket was missing from their marketing materials that sparked the idea for To Each, Her Own.

3. Hanes
Body image concerns affect males as well as women. According to The Conversation, 30-40% of men are concerned about their weight. Because we see strong or fit males on our TV screens or websites, the media and advertising may add to these concerns.

However, Hanes launched a marketing campaign dubbed «Every Bod.» It showed males wearing Hanes underwear who were at ease with their appearance. It was their take on body positivity and encouraging males to love their own bodies.

Final Thoughts

Brands are gradually adopting different body types and shapes in their marketing efforts. However, these initiatives are meticulously organized to ensure that they are inclusive and courteous. And your brand has the power and influence to shift perceptions of what bodies should look like in order to love and celebrate all bodies.

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