A new day brings a fresh game. Everyone is aware that the mobile gaming business is thriving on a daily basis. Not only «on the sly,» but at a breakneck pace. After all, we witness how mobile games win international awards and smash earnings records every year.

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So, why are mobile games so popular? It goes without saying that mobile games are quite popular these days. And it’s no surprise, given the numerous benefits of current smartphone gaming.

The primary benefits of these games are their accessibility, ease, and mobility. You may download your favorite game from Marketplace and play it while waiting for a cab, in a cafe while waiting for your order, or at home when you have nothing to do. In general, wherever you are. You don’t even need a computer or a game console for this; a smartphone would suffice.

However, the mobile gaming business is expanding and evolving all the time, as seen by our game development efforts. And what was hip yesterday can be boring now. To stay ahead of the curve, it is critical to closely monitor the market and its trends.

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Every year, around 1 million applications are published in storerooms. The degree of gaming consumption has altered dramatically in the recent year. Thus, in terms of mobile gaming income in 2021, three nations have risen to the top of the world:

  • China. The income totaled 56 billion dollars;
  • the United States received 43 billion dollars;
  • Japan received 20 billion dollars.

China has 98 billion downloads, India has 26 billion, and the United States has 12 billion downloads, making them the top three in the mobile gaming market in 2021.

As a result, Google Play revenue is expanding at a quicker rate than iOS App Store revenue, increasing by 6% to 13.2%.

Aren’t the statistics surprising? And this is far from the end. These values climb numerous times every day.

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The mobile games may be classified into numerous types. Namely:


Puzzles, casino, arcades, RPG, tactics, sports, simulators, shooters, and other games fall under this category.

These games have lately gained popularity not only among children and teens, but also among adults who would never refuse to enter the realm of virtual reality, where their own rules apply and you can temporarily forget about your troubles.

Entertainment games have numerous advantages: they bring people of all ages together and allow them to spend their time more deeply. You may quickly escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by playing amusement games. It has been observed that individuals in routine squander a lot of nerves and experience unpleasant feelings; yet, playing amusement games on a mobile phone may help them decrease stress.


Educational games, intellectual and logical games, action and adventure games, and so on, for all ages.

The benefit of mobile games is in their development. No one can deny that not only children, but also adults, should constantly improve themselves, even if there isn’t always enough time to do so.

Numerous studies have shown that educational games may increase inventiveness, math abilities, response time, memory, IQ, and other qualities. Another advantage of this game type is that it produces the same results as reading books or participating in sports. This is a fantastic alternative to traditional development approaches.


Statista did extensive research to identify the top mobile game genres that attract consumers and boost corporate revenue. The most popular iOS mobile game genres in the United States in 2021 will be:

  • Perplexity (21.18%)
  • The casino (18.9%)
  • Strategies (17.17%)
  • RPG (14.23%)
  • Simulation (10.4%)

Of course, according to the facts shown above, entertainment games take the lead. After all, they download the same thing to be amused and to get away from the daily grind. Sometimes you don’t realize how one game won’t allow you take your eyes off the phone screen for a few hours.

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Games, the most recent innovation in the worldwide entertainment sector, are getting more popular and engaging. Developers are open to new technology. Mobile phones have long progressed from being only a method of communication to being multi-functional multimedia devices capable of meeting a wide range of its users’ demands, including music, video, Internet access, and gaming. The gaming business is dominated by mobile entertainment.

It might be difficult to discover the ideal game with so much material on Google and the App Store. When there are hundreds of clones with nearly similar symbols and names, this is the major issue. The simplest approach to grasp this is to focus on the major players in the mobile industry.

The amount of downloads is essential, but game makers are more concerned with what generates revenue. In any event, the mobile gaming sector will evolve continually. The advent of huge corporations can produce the necessary amount of competition to improve the industry’s quality. There is little question that mobile game production may evolve beyond recognition in a matter of years.

When choosing a firm that provides mobile game development services, consider whether their portfolio contains similar work. A studio that has never done anything before is not the ideal option, even if they claim there is nothing difficult even with no experience.

There’s a good possibility they won’t be able to identify your target audience, pique their interest in innovative mechanics, or come up with a winning hook to set your game apart from the millions of others.

Here is a basic but useful list of positive features to consider while selecting a suitable game development firm or partner from among many game development outsourcing companies:

  • They Learn about the prerequisites for your game.
  • Check out the portfolio.
  • Learn about design trends:
  • Inquire about the market time for application delivery.
  • Learn about consumer feedback.
  • Technical expertise of the developer
  • Find out more about the client approach.

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